Have you ever wondered that even after creating a beautiful website, you are not able to get expected returns from your website? This is mainly because you have not done enough efforts to promote your website in a right and appropriate manner.

We, at Incube ITES India Pvt Ltd have a team of highly professional individuals who can not only promote your website, but can take your website to a level that it can be highly ranked in search results of all the major search engines.

We can help you out in both organic as well as paid search results.

Have a look below to understand this better:

Just consider that you have opened a shop showcasing your products or services in the market.You have done all the possible efforts to display the products or services in a right and the best possible way. And your products are up to date with the present requirements of the customers. But unfortunately, nobody cares to look at your shop or it is just not visible to the potential customers who are searching for similar products.

This is where we can come to your rescue. We can bring your potential customers to you by our techniques, knowledge and previous experiences of similar work.

Here are few steps in which we can assist you,

  • The term "SEO" stands for search engine optimization. The process of SEO is used to develop and design a website in such a manner that it gets listed on all the major search engines. By performing a SEO on the website we can bring more traffic to your website generating higher positions in search engines. By doing SEO on the websites we can achieve top ranking in search engines and thus will increase the business potential by generating leads.

    How can SEO help?

    Target clients: By performing SEO we can target our potential customers directly as we can match the search result of what they are actually looking for. The result would be shown to the customers who are searching for the products or services on search engines. We list your website on all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alta-Vista, Ask, etc. Thus the probability of customers coming and signing up on the website increases, when we can offer them the same result of what they are searching for.

    Enter new market: By the way of SEO, your website would be able to enter new market places. We can perform SEO in such manner that the website can target the audience geographically, by age groups, by genders and also by professions. SEO can help you to enter new market destinations and prove that there is no limit in expanding your products and services.

    Making it a brand: By SEO we can convert your product into a brand by constantly making its presence online and making the impressions of your ads always visible to your potential customers.

    Why Incube?

    We are a team of highly professional individuals who understands each and every aspect of search engine optimization. We are well experienced by handling the method by which the search engines index the website and lists it. We constantly work on keyword research, content writings, link building techniques, W3C standards and advertising so that your website can achieve the highest rank in the search engines in that particular keyword search. Moreover we are always well educated with the changing algorithm of the search engines and hence none of our clients have been affected by the changing algorithm processes.
    We are successful because we understand your business and then research on the relevant keywords which will target your website to your potential customers. We believe in giving you the value for your money

    What you can expect:
    Friendly team.                  Keyword research.                           Proper and ethical indexing.
    Link Building.                    Back Links to increase traffic.         Search Engine friendly content.

  • Just think, about the time when you last updated your social networking account. Whether it's your Facebook account or Twitter, we all love to spend time on social networking sites. Rather, the percentage of time we spent here is far longer than we actually search for something on search engines. This doesn't mean that social media optimization is better than search engine optimization. But we cannot downgrade the potential of social websites to promote your products or services to get better results.


    Social Media Optimization will help you to market your product or services to the right target audience and will also be able to track the conversion as one on one basis. You can directly interact with your potential customers as you already have their basic information such as their gender, profession, age groups, qualifications, etc. This will help you to understand and advertise your product more prominently to your target audience, thus enhancing your business potential. You can develop a sense of trust and loyalty towards your customers through social media optimization. It will also help to build a personal bond and thus enhance your business coming back to you time to time.

    What we can offer:

    Facebook: We at Incube ITES India Pvt Ltd can build a strong Facebook page or Application to market your potential customers. Through this campaign we can encourage your customers to visit your website, do a sign up, like your pages and learn more about your products or services. Hence, we can divert a good amount of your targeted customers to your website.
    Twitter: We will create your full fledge Twitter account in a very professional way and design it as your followers love to see it. By this you can advise or inform your followers on your upcoming or existing products or services. You can also bring your followers to your website by managing your tweets. Thus you will have a huge database of users in order to pitch your business to them.
    LinkedIn: We can help you create a professional page on LinkedIn so that you can build a strong business presence of your company for your potential customers. We will also build a separate profile of all your key employees so your targeted audience is well educated about your company. You can also add followers from your Twitter and Facebook accounts so as to build a strong awareness of your brand.

  • In today's world each and every business is on the web. It is naturally; much more difficult for the search engines to bring every website to the highest rank even if the content is up to the standards and guidelines of the search engines. This is where PPC comes to the rescue.

    PPC stands for "Pay per Click" services. In this type of services the user needs to advertise his products or services in the search engines by paying a specific amount for his ad as per the keywords research and costing.

    PPC management services give you instant results and are always proved as a great value for money.

    This is how it is performed:

    • Firstly we need to research specific keywords to insert in your ads.
    • When a user searches for the keywords listed in your ads, then the ad is displayed next to the relevant search results on the same page.
    • You only pay if the user clicks on your Ad.
    • This service is quiet friendly on pocket and gives you your full value for money.

    What we work for:

    • Google Adwords.
    • Google Retargeting.
    • Search Engine Marketing.
    • Facebook Ads and Likes.
    • Bing Ads.
    • LinkedIn and Twitter Ads.
    • Link Building through paid services.

    How we can assist you:

    • Designing your advertising page
    • Researching the keywords as per your business profile.
    • Displaying Ads on appropriate websites and networks.
    • Conversion tracking.
    • Targeting customers as per their age, gender, location, etc.
    • Displaying ads on mobile phones.
    • Thus converting your investments into profit.

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